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Nutrition Services

The Dietitian Difference

Every registered dietitian is a nutritionist but not every nutritionist is a dietitian! Unlike dietitians, the nutritionist profession is much less protected under the law. Therefore many nutritionists are practicing without any previous education, training, or work experience. Registered dietitians (RDs) have to have:

  • A four-year bachelor degree
  • Complete an internship with 1200 hours or more
  • Pass the national CDR exam
  • Complete continuing education credits to maintain their RD status
consultation with nutritionist

What Can a Registered Dietitian Do For You?

Here is just a shortlist of what RD’s can help you with via the power of nutrition!

  • Weight loss
  • Sports nutrition
  • Weight gain
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Meal planning
  • Following a specific diet such as vegan/vegetarian
  • Pediatric and/or family consultations
  • Intestinal disorders
  • Food allergies/sensitivities
  • And so much more!

Services Provided

Health Place offers a wide variety of nutrition services to cater to each individual’s needs! Our services include:

Registered Dietitian Consultations (Individual)

One Hour Initial Consultation – $60*

The initial session includes a biometric assessment (blood pressure, body fat percentage, waist circumference, and frame size are just a few of the parameters that will be measured), a nutrition health history interview, a food log analysis, and personalized nutrition education and goal setting.

30-Minute Follow-Up – $30*

4 Follow-Up Visit Package Deal – $100

*Health Place Members and Wellstar Employees will get a 15% discount!

BodyGem Metabolic Analysis – $49

Discover your unique metabolic fingerprint to determine your precise calorie needs and your personal metabolic proficiency. The BodyGem Analysis takes approximately ten minutes and measures your caloric need via oxygen consumption. This can be added to any of your nutrition consultation sessions, or it can be done on its own.

Special Nutrition Programs/Classes

Keep an eye out for programs and classes where you can participate in cooking demos, and classes for specific conditions like eating for diabetes, heart-healthy eating and learning about foods that fight inflammation.

How to Schedule: Individual Appointments

To schedule, an appointment with one of our registered dietitians asks your doctor to send a referral to Wellbeing 365 Nutrition. If your doctor isn’t in the Wellstar system ask them to fax a referral to 770-793-7300. We offer a variety of hours Monday-Friday with some Thursday evening availability as well.

How to Schedule: BodyGem Appointments

No referral is necessary! Call 770-793-7300 or email to make an appointment. BodyGem appointments take about 30 minutes. Just make sure to not eat, drink caffeine or exercise at least four hours before your appointment. We want to make sure your metabolism is resting!

Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

To schedule an appointment with one of our registered dietitians, you can ask your physician to send a referral to Wellbeing 365 Nutrition, or email us at Referrals are not required!

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