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Aquatic Group Exercise

Our 25-yard, 6 lap lane pool is kept at an average temperature of 86-88 degrees. Health Place strives to have 3 lap lanes available to members at all times. Members are welcome to use lap lanes while water aerobic classes are in session. All classes are taught year-round in our indoor heated pool.

People swimming in the pool

Aquatic Programs

    • Learn to Swim – Health Place is proud to offer year-round swimming lessons to adults and children age 6 months and older. Registration required.
    • Group Exercise – Classes range from mild stretching to power classes and are offered all throughout the day and evening. These classes are included in your membership.
    • Special Population Classes – Special classes are offered for chronic illness and recovery to improve mobility, flexibility, and strength. These classes are included in your membership. Please see the group exercise schedule for class days and times.
    • Lap Lane Swimming
      We currently have 3 lap lanes open. Reservations are required for a lap lane. Use same QR code for aquatic group exercise class sign up. Lap lane availability is the same code.

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