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In April, I began doing personal training twice a week. I wanted to manage my own cardio conditioning and have Megan concentrate on muscle conditioning. I have knee problems and wanted to have her prescribe specific exercises that would help me build my core strength and muscle tone in my legs without further aggravating or injuring my knee. Megan always has each workout session planned out in such a way that I am usually working for different muscle groups in different ways every time I train. With her assistance, I’ve learned how to use most of the exercise equipment properly so as to get the best workout without injury. Even so, I still prefer to work out with her rather than on my own for a variety of reasons. First, I’d probably never push myself as hard as she does so I know I work harder and get a better workout with her help. Second, at my age, the last thing I need is an injury. Even now, she still corrects my form from time to time so as to avoid injury. Third, since I have scheduled time with her, it helps keep me committed to getting to the gym on a routine basis rather than sleeping in. Lastly, she does an incredible job of varying my workout routines so that I don’t fall into the trap of redundancy and lose some of the benefits of my exercise regimen.
At the end of July, I did another fitness profile so we could evaluate my progress. I was pretty amazed at the results. I improved in every single category so that my overall fitness rating was “excellent.” The fact that I was most excited about was that, in just four months, I reduced my body fat by 5.3% to a level on the low end of the norm.
I look forward to my personal training time and really enjoy the process of staying in shape. I began to tire of using the elliptical machine or cycle for my cardio workouts so I started experimenting with some of Health Club’s fitness classes. Now I’m totally hooked on Zumba, Tae Bo, and Pilates. Not only that, but I’ve also been able to start taking golf lessons and I have been able to get back out on the tennis courts for the first time in over 8 years. I even competed in the club’s little fitness Olympics and did well enough to win a complimentary body massage! I still experience some muscle soreness every time I train with Megan but I am no longer stressed and am sleeping so much better. I have more energy, I’m feeling great and my only regret is that I didn’t start down this path sooner!


My wife and I are regulars at Health Place, working out 5 or more times a week. For over 3 years we have attended Vicki’s Yoga classes. At first, we went from one to then two beginner classes a week. More than 2 years ago we added the Sunday afternoon Yoga 2 class. When a second Yoga 2 class was added by Health Place on Wednesday evenings, we became regulars also. Looking for a greater challenge, we are now transitioning from the beginner classes into the Saturday and Monday Power Yoga classes. We are in Vicki’s classes 4 days a week, building other aerobic, strength training, and stretching around our Yoga practice.
We are both currently stronger and more stretched than we can ever remember. This growth is due to Vicki’s incredible inspiration, for example, and the ability to instill confidence in us. She is always the last person to leave the room, taking time to answer questions and demonstrate poses to all who request her time. Whenever we have sent her an email, she replies in a timely manner with detailed answers, attaching articles or sending links to articles, and recommending or offering to loan DVDs. During class her directions are clear and precise, emphasizing basic fundamentals, and she walks around some of the time to help position class members into the poses. Everything she does builds our enthusiasm and makes us feel incredibly safe.
Health Place, Yoga, and Vicki have become so central to our lives. We love Yoga because Vicki loves Yoga and her students.


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